• Driving simplification
  • Reducing complexity
  • Fully managed & hosted solutions

OMS see and recognise the challenges facing medium & large enterprises, from rationalisation of commoditised hardware, migration of services to cloud technologies, integration of legacy stacks into 'flat platforms' to seamless digitisation of multi asset businesses. By working with our clients to understand their IT challenges and utilising our technology partners, Optimum are able to deliver IT solutions from an efficiency, effectiveness and stability perspective.


IT transformation in the banking and insurance sectors is being discussed at length on many technology and business forums today. There is increasing chatter around cloud technologies, be it on-premise or hybrid cloud. There are also parallel intertwined discussions around simplification and federation of multi asset stacks, driving development agility, digitisation and reducing time to market. The ultimate goal being cost reduction, fast delivery.

Today we see a seismic shift from years past where the 'big' wins over the 'small', today is showing that the 'fast' wins over the 'slow'

One of the biggest issues being seen during IT delivery is the continued reactiveness of business driven requirements arriving with IT Teams, a minor change to a project can impact multiple IT teams significantly increasing time to market of strategic business goals.

During a recent survey carried out by MuleSoft of over 900 IT decision makers, only half said they were able to complete all projects they were asked to do in the last 12 months. 60% said they were not adequately resourced to meet their company’s digital goals.